The Board of Education is a group of seven Unity School District Residents. Typically, the Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month in the school's Boardroom. In addition, occasionally committee meetings and special meetings are held as well. Meetings are posted to alert the general public regarding the meeting's date, time, and location. Postings are placed on the District website and at each local post office.

Want to "jump" on Board?

A School Board member serves in office for a three-year term. When a member's term expires, they must be reelected by the public in the Spring election, in order to serve again. Other interested citizens may also run for the office of School Board as elections are held every year. Interested residence must be a resident of Unity School District and file a Declaration of Candidacy and Campaign Registration Statement in the District Office prior to the first Tuesday of every January.

Meet our current School Board

Debbie Ince-Peterson
Elected - 1987
Term Expires - 2020

James Beistle
1st Vice President
Elected - 1998
Term Expires - 2019

Kelly Kamish
2nd Vice President
Appointed - 2008/Elected - 2009
Term Expires - 2021

Ryan Peterson
Appointed 2013/Elected - 2014
Term Expires - 2020

Pat Kastens
Elected - 2013
Term Expires - 2019

Sheryl Holmgren
Elected - 2005
Term Expires - 2021

Jeromy Cox
Appointed - 2016/Elected - 2017
Term Expires - 2019