Unity’s Child Care program will be known as LEAP, “Little Eagles At Play”! The Unity LEAP Center will provide quality child care in a safe and rewarding environment where play and interaction are encouraged. Programming will be affiliated with the school district and will offer beneficial parenting activities as well as child care services. The child care program will be offered through the District’s community education program. The program will operate on a weekly fee-based payment schedule. 

Heather Tiedemann was named as the program director and is currently developing the programming and activities for the center. In addition, the District will soon start the hiring process for the various positions at the center. If interested in working at the center, please contact awarner@unity.k12.wi.us

Parents who are considering enrolling their child(ren) are encouraged to contact the school district at htiedemann@unity.k12.wi.us. A contact list is being compiled for when registration and rate information becomes available. Registration will be based on a first come, first served basis.

Regarding the construction of the center, excavation will begin on the site next week. The plans and permits are being reviewed at the state level on October 10th. Weather permitting, it is anticipated that the construction of the center will be completed by January 1st. A grand opening date will be made available as soon as further scheduling details are known.