This program allows you (the requester) to reserve and rent facilities for any event, practice, or production! You can see real time calendar changes, usage blocks, and is a great way to double check to make sure you have the right dates and times!

Here’s how it works:

  • First time users of the system: Please contact the Community Education Office at 715-825-3515 x5010, or email awarner@unity.k12.wi.us

  • Once approved, login information will be sent to you, along with instructions for making facility requests.

  • Returning users: Go to the School Facilities Login Page. Click "Sign In" on the top right. This should allow you to sign in with your current Google information, therefore not requiring a login or password.

  • Events are NOT automatically posted to the Unity Events Calendar featured on the Unity App or website homepage. Contact Amanda Warner to add school events to the District Events Calendar.

  • Once an event has been approved, the requester can make changes but should also contact Amanda Warner at awarner@unity.k12.wi.us.

  • If you have any questions about the system please contact awarner@unity.k12.wi.us or call 715-825-3515 x5010.

The District has the right to deny facility use requests or terminate any agreement at any time with or without cause based on the following but are not limited to building maintenance requirements, operational needs, security, weather conditions, lack of facility supervision being available, failure to pay previous charges in full or other. Use must meet established facility use criteria, and may not conflict with regularly scheduled programs of the school or facility.