Reasons to Enroll at Unity!

  1. Parents are partners in learning.
  2. Unity has a supportive and caring staff that cares about children.
  3. All-day, every day, pre-kindergarten program prepares early learners for school success.
  4. Over 95% of parents attend elementary parent-teacher conferences.
  5. The area’s early childhood program offers educational services for children with developmental delays as young as three.
  6. Unity’s educators are all highly qualified and well trained.
  7. The Unity music program boasts high quality and high student participation, with many awards earned annually.
  8. Character education and student leadership efforts are infused at all schools.
  9. Unity’s 1:1 initiative provides an iPad for each student for learning in grades 5-12.
  10. Diversity is appreciated and celebrated.
  11. We celebrate our student successes and encourage them through our Positive Behavior Interventions and Support Programs.
  12. Unity Middle School fits the definition of an exemplary middle school.
  13. Unity’s Response to Intervention (RtI) Program identifies struggling learners and provides assistance when needed.
  14. Unity has a digitally wireless campus.
  15. The Unity Nature Trail brings learning outside.
  16. There are greenhouses at both the middle and high schools, offering hands on learning opportunities.
  17. RCU School Sense develops personal finance skills and offers and in-school banking experience. 
  18. Over 1000 Community Volunteer Hours are accumulated each year.
  19. The region’s only Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at Unity High School.
  20. Comprehensive special education services are available.
  21. Our schools are a safe place to learn.
  22. Unity Booster Club supports sports and student athletes.
  23. National Honor Society serves the high school and community.
  24. Unity High School has the area's most advanced placement (AP) courses for college credit.
  25. Our musicians are routinely recognized at the state level.
  26. Over two-thirds of Unity High School students participate in athletics and fine arts while maintaining good grades.
  27. Technology is a tool for learning that is used in every class.
  28. Elementary and middle school students can learn online outside of school with online learning activities.
  29. Unity has an indoor community pool, where all Unity students participate in swimming lessons.
  30. The Community Education program offers learning opportunities for all ages.
  31. The Unity Fitness Center is open daily for district residents.
  32. Parents can monitor a student’s academic progress online through Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
  33. Over $75,000 in scholarships are offered annually to graduating seniors.
  34. Unity School District has a recognized School Forest on campus.
  35. Parents are kept informed with the Infinite Campus notification system.
  36. Unity has the area’s longest running and most successful high school Alternative Diploma Program.
  37. Unity offers several WITC articulated and transcribed courses for credit.
  38. Unity graduates are required to complete community service time.
  39. Unity’s campus is very busy with the public using the facilities frequently.
  40. Unity offers a high school and a middle school theater production annually.
  41. Unity offers youth athletics programming to its elementary and middle school students.
  42. The music program starts in the elementary school with students choosing a band instrument in the fifth grade.
  43. Unity offers driver education for free to its high school students.
  44. Unity’s summer school program is unmatched and extends learning throughout the summer.
  45. Student council and leadership opportunities are available for our students.
  46. Unity has an Accelerated Learning Plan to challenge students who are ready academically to learn beyond their peers.
  47. Unity has a strong FFA program.
  48. Unity athletes can choose between many different sports, all of which are successful.
  49. Unity’s art students are recognized for their amazing skills and talent.
  50. Unity’s playground is focused on providing young children with exciting adventures.
  51. Students are challenged to reach their potential.
  52. Good character is important at Unity.
  53. Successful early learning is a clear focus.
  54. Unity’s Homecoming is full of community pride and school spirit!
  55. Unity’s District Report Card, “Exceeding Expectations,” shows its high quality programming!
  56. Unity focuses on providing opportunities for career exploration and job shadowing in middle school and high school.
  57. Lifelong learning is a mission.
  58. Unity High School was recently ranked #24 in the 2012 US News and World Report, Best High Schools in Wisconsin.
  59. Unity’s RCU School Sense Program was awarded the 2013 Governor’s Financial Literacy Award.
  60. Unity Elementary School was recognized as a 2013 “Beating the Odds” School.
  61. Unity has business and community partnerships with St. Croix Regional Medical Center, Lakeland Communications, Northern Waters Learning, Polk County Kinship, and Royal Credit Union.
  62. Unity’s Health Services office has a registered school nurse available for students and to provide health and wellness programming.
  63. The iPad program allows teachers to offer a “flipped” classroom approach to teaching and learning.
  64. Unity High School has a strong Career and Technical Education program that serves to provide students with a jumpstart into a career after gradation.
  65. Unity’s Native American Language Revitalization Grant has provided opportunities for students to learn Ojibwemowin.
  66. The Physical Education Program provides outdoor learning opportunities for students with snowshoeing, kayaking, bicycling, and cross-country skiing.
  67. The interactive distance-learning network provides classes and trips in high definition for students to learn beyond the school building.
  68. Unity offers exploratory and elective classes throughout middle and high school to connect students to their interests.
  69. Unity= Over 60 Years of Quality Education 
  70. Unity students develop a personalized Academic Career Planning (ACP) Plan to prepare for life after high school.
  71. Unity has an in-school mental health therapy clinic, offered by Family Therapy Associates.
  72. Unity School District has a School Resource Officer from the Polk County Sheriffs Department.
  73. Unity has a social worker contracted through Polk County.
  74. Unity has the area's most successful FBLA chapter.